The Kytäjä area

Kytäjä is a unique housing area and holiday resort in the Uusimaa region, just an hour’s drive from Helsinki. The fantastic Finnish cultural landscape can be explored at Kytäjä in myriad ways. In addition to the breath-taking views, the area provides opportunities for a wide range of leisure activities, including horseback riding, slalom, and world-class golf.

The area is brimming with history, but also constantly developing. The houses available for rent are spacious, extremely luxurious, and equipped to a very high standard, with large yard areas offering plenty of room for adults and children.

Here you can also buy your dream house and at the same time a piece of valuable Finnish history. Or you can buy or rent a plot and build your own dream house. Anything is possible at Kytäjä!

Kytäjä’s fishing waters

The eutrophic and beautiful Lake Kytäjärvi is favoured by perch, pike and pikeperch as well as big female salmons escaped from the local fishery. The Vanhanmyllynkoski rapids on Kytäjoki River are especially favoured by fly fishers, since the rainbow trout and graylings of the shallow waters present an irresistible challenge.

The offering of the Kytäjä fishing waters is expanded by the numerous lakes and ponds in the nearby areas and the fish-rich Vantaanjoki River. Annually, hundreds of salmons are released into the waters of the fishing district to provide the fly fishers, anglers, and ice fishers a better opportunity to catch big fish. The fishing permits are valid for one day only, and can be bought at reception. Several fishing competitions are also organized in the region.


Riding trips

Kytäjä and its surroundings offer a wide range of opportunities for horseback riding enthusiasts. The selection includes private instructing, tailored riding packages, courses, training, and Western riding. Follow the links for more information:

Hyvinkään Urheiluratsastajat ry
Hyvinkään Ratsastajat ry
Hyvinkään Ratsastuskeskus
Jokirannan Ratsastuskoulu


Culture at its best

In late summer and autumn, Kytäjä offers excellent opportunities for mushroom and berry picking. The forests of the 2266-hectare Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor area are highly diverse and full of mushrooms and berries. Nearly all the most common and most delicious wild mushroom and berry species can be found here.


Relax in the waves

Sveitsi swimming facility is maintained by the City of Hyvinkää and is located only 12 kilometres from Kytäjä. The facility offers a wide range of services including outdoor swimming pools and baby swimming, making it a perfect destination for swimmers of all ages.

The Sveitsi swimming facility has a warm children’s pool, a recreation and therapy pool, and a 25-metre pool with a jump tower. The facility also includes a top-quality sauna and dressing premises, and a reservation sauna. Customers also have access to a wide range of exercise equipment.

Sveitsi swimming facility

Finland’s finest slopes

In winter, snow-covered slopes and breath-taking scenery suited to skiing are close by. The closest ski centre, Sveitsi, is only 12 kilometres away in Hyvinkää. There are other large ski centres within a thirty-kilometre radius, offering a wide range of winter activities.

Distance to the nearby ski centres:

Sveitsin hiihtokeskus 12 km
Vihti Ski Center 41 km
Serena Ski 51 km
Solvalla – Swinghill 73 km


A presidential pedigree

In the past, Kytäjä was the hunting grounds of notable Finnish persons, and the likes of Presidents P. E. Svinhufvud and Mannerheim hunted elk in the area. The area is still favoured by hunters, as there is an exceptionally large, unbroken forest area with diverse game populations in the grounds of the manor. In addition to elk and white-tailed deer, pheasant hunts that continue the manor traditions are organized in the historic setting. There is a pheasant farm on the grounds, producing 10,000 chicks a year for release into the wild.

To learn more about hunting at Kytäjä, contact Kartanon Riista. The company has organized hunting events on the grounds of the Kytäjä manor since 1999 and is responsible for managing the game populations and for the area’s hunting arrangements.


Embraced by the natural world

Kytäjä is surrounded by unique and pristine Finnish wilderness including extensive forest and mire areas. Forests, lakes, ponds, streams, and cliffs comprise a wilderness area, which diversity is beyond comparison.

The area offers diverse opportunities for outdoor activities, hiking, and sports. In the Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor area you can hike among magnificent cliff clusters, explore old and alluring granite mines, swim in crystal-clear lakes and rivers, stop for coffee by a campfire, and spend the night in a lean-to listening to the hooting of the eagle owl.

In autumn, the Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor area offers excellent opportunities for berry and mushroom picking. In winter, the beautiful and quiet area with its extensive ski track network is a favourite skiing destination. The area includes around 40 kilometres of marked ski and hiking trails. For example, the 18-kilometre Seven Brothers Trail offers a hiking experience to be remembered.

The magnificent cliffs, include the 25-metre Jaanankallio, are highly popular with rock climbers. For kayakers, Lake Suolijärvi, Lake Kytäjärvi, and the Kytäjoki River provide experiences and challenges. Indian canoes are available for rental from local operators.

Learn more about the Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor area from the map produced by the City of Hyvinkää.


The Kytäjä housing area is developing constantly. More than 200 new plots will be planned in this unique setting in the near future.

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Kytäjä has an intriguing history, involving a great number of Finnish luminaries.

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