Kytäjä’s fishing waters

The eutrophic and beautiful Lake Kytäjärvi is favoured by perch, pike and pikeperch as well as big female salmons escaped from the local fishery. The Vanhanmyllynkoski rapids on Kytäjoki River are especially favoured by fly fishers, since the rainbow trout and graylings of the shallow waters present an irresistible challenge.

The offering of the Kytäjä fishing waters is expanded by the numerous lakes and ponds in the nearby areas and the fish-rich Vantaanjoki River. Annually, hundreds of salmons are released into the waters of the fishing district to provide the fly fishers, anglers, and ice fishers a better opportunity to catch big fish. The fishing permits are valid for one day only, and can be bought at reception. Several fishing competitions are also organized in the region.