There are two types of residential plots available at Kytäjä: plots of land for detached houses in the exquisite residential areas of Ollilanpuisto and Isokylä, as well as those for holiday homes on the shores of the unspoiled lakes of Pojanjärvi and Kaveton.


Kytäjä is a thriving, vibrant village close to the city of Helsinki. The local services and shops at Hyvinkää are only a short drive away, while the village school offers high-quality primary school education in an idyllic setting. Money is continually being invested in the area to improve its infrastructure.

Both agriculture and forestry are actively practiced in the area using principles of sustainable development. The village is surrounded by idyllic lakes, ponds and rocky cliffs – a unique natural environment that is protected and nurtured by the local residents. The guiding principles at Kytäjä are to preserve the magnificent local forests and keep the rural areas thriving.

At Kytäjä it is possible to live in a wonderful setting surrounded by nature, where centuries old rural traditions meet contemporary, high standards of living.

Residential Plots

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Plots of Land for Holiday Homes

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Why Kytäjä?

The exceptionally beautiful nature in the Kytäjä area has attracted notable Finnish families and the high society for centuries.

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