The Laakkonen family have kept 440 hectares of the Estate, which is more than ten percent of its surface area, as protected virgin forest. The protected forest with its clean ponds, wetland areas and rocky cliffs will be there for the future generations to enjoy also. Additionally, the commercial forests are managed responsibly, using sustainable logging methods, which means that more planting than logging takes place, and thus the forests of Kytäjä act as a carbon sink – you won’t be seeing any clearcut areas at Kytäjä anytime soon.

On the fields of Kytäjä, conservation agriculture methods are used to minimise the disruption of the structure, composition and natural biodiversity of the soil. The Laakkonen family have also invested substantially in the local infrastructure at the Kytäjä village, including the installation of a sanitary sewer system, which allows for the household wastewater to be disposed of in a more environmentally friendly manner. All of the new buildings in the area use geothermal energy for heating.

The Laakkonen family are committed to developing the area and making Kytäjä a thriving rural community where everyone feels happy and at home.