Only an hour’s drive from Helsinki, Kytäjä Resort is the perfect destination for an unforgettable getaway or a place to call home for a lifetime. Framed by the vibrant village community, Kytäjä boasts stunning accommodations and event spaces, Finland’s finest padel and golf courses, diverse natural surroundings, and to top it all off, a convenient location. Discover what makes Kytäjä Resort a five-star countryside escape!

Enchanting Nature

Kytäjä’s best-kept secret is the unique, untouched nature surrounding the lively village. Visitors have often likened the landscapes and atmosphere to something mystical, reminiscent of the enchantment of Northern Finnish wilderness. Cliffs, marshes, and protected forests invite you to immerse yourself in luxurious and delightful outdoor activities such as hiking, berry picking, and experiencing the various facets of Finnish nature to the fullest.

Most of Kytäjä Resort’s accommodations and event spaces are situated on the shores of the splendid Kytäjärvi Lake and the crystal-clear Suolijärvi Lake. There is no shortage of mesmerizing views in this region.

Things To Do

The pristine nature of Kytäjä and its surroundings offer numerous opportunities for leisure activities. The crystal-clear lakes welcome swimmers, fishermen, ice anglers, and kayakers alike. During the cold, snowy winters, the frozen Kytäjärvi Lake is perfect for natural ice skating, and the Kytäjä area boasts cross-country ski trails for those who want to enjoy the scenic beauty on skis.

In addition to self-guided leisure activities, local entrepreneurs in Kytäjä and the Hyvinkää area offer a wide range of activities and experiences for visitors and tourists. Explore our recommendations below!

Kytäjä’s best-kept secret is the pristine nature surrounding the Estate with its rocky cliffs, wetland areas and protected forests.

Kytäjä Resort’s outdoor padel courts cater to both experienced players and newcomers picking up a padel racket for the first time. The padel courts are open in the summer, and equipment can be rented from Café Kengityspaja, which is adjacent to the courts.

The award-winning Kytäjä Golfs South East and North West courses are the finest in Finland and a treat for any golf enthusiast. In addition to club members, guest players are always welcome, so you can enjoy the greatest game even if you’re just passing through Kytäjä. Kytäjä Golf’s convenient Stay & Play packages are available if you want to golf and stay in the Uni Villas or Törölä located right near the courses.

Hiking, Trekking, and Other Wilderness Sports
The popular Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor recreation area, with its numerous nature trails, wilderness huts and hiking destinations, attracts outdoor enthusiasts from afar. You can engage in activities like jogging, cycling, bird watching, or swimming in the expansive outdoor area. The forests are also known for their bountiful berry and mushroom harvests in the autumn, which are free to pick for anyone, as stated in the Finnish “Everyone’s Right”.

If self-guided hiking isn’t your preference, Uudenmaan Erämatkat Wilderness Tours offers guided activities, from hiking and canoe trips to snowshoeing and forest yoga, all in the same terrain.

In addition to the Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor recreation area, Kytäjä’s historic lands offer a variety of interesting cycling routes. For instance, the 51-kilometer-long Pikkupässi cycling route follows the old Hyvinkää-Karkkila narrow-gauge railway embankment.

If you don’t have your own bike with you, or just prefer guided trips, Hyvinkää’s Sveitsi Rent offers bicycles for hire for both adults and children.

An abundance of leisure activities at your fingertips.

Kytäjärvi Lake, at the heart of the lively village, is known for its bountiful perch waters. The local Fish & Trail organizes fishing raft trips on Kytäjärvi during the open-water season, offering guided experiences for those who want to try their luck at reeling in the catch of the day.

For those interested in hunting, Kartanon Riista Hunting Association offers guided trips within Kytäjä’s well-maintained hunting grounds, and hosts roe deer and bird hunts for both businesses and private customers.

If you’re seeking beautiful souvenirs after your visit to Kytäjä, we recommend a visit to Tuias ceramics workshop, where local artist Tuija Koponen crafts the most beautiful dishes and decorative items – all by hand, of course.

In the summer, the most delicious local take-home treats, including locally grown berries and sweet snap peas, can be found at Wennborg Farm.

Hyvinkää Sveitsi
Hyvinkää Sveitsi, located only a 15-minute drive away from Kytäjä Resort, offers a diverse range of services for both locals and tourists alike. Those craving excitement can enjoy SuperPark’s indoor activities, escape rooms, or, in the summer, Sveitsi Adventure Park’s thrilling adventure courses. You can also swim all year round, thanks to indoor and outdoor pools in Sveitsi. Movie enthusiasts can enjoy the flicks on screen at Sveitsi BioRex cinema. In the winter, the popular Sveitsi Ski Center offers skiing adventures.

In addition to Sveitsi’s cultural experiences, you can explore Finland’s railway history at the Finnish Railway Museum in Hyvinkää. Hyvinkää also hosts annual big-scale events, from the Red Carpet Festival showcasing the biggest and best Finnish movies, to numerous concerts, theater or comedy performances at Hyvinkää Hall. All upcoming events can be found on the Hyvinkää Events Calendar.


There’s so much to do and see at Kytäjä, you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay with us, whether you are just visiting or decide to spend the rest of your life here. Become part of the five-star countryside story!

Premium Accommodation and Event Spaces

Kytäjä has always been known for its impressive buildings. From the luxurious Uni Villa Studios and Uni Villa Suites to the spacious Villa Jerusalem and Villa Bethlehem, and also the unique Törölä and new Mäntylä, we cater to a wide range of travelers and holidaymakers. The surrounding natural settings of these accommodations enhance your experience amidst the most picturesque corners of Kytäjä.

For customers planning weddings, other lavish celebrations, meetings, or team-building events, Kytäjä Resort offers versatile event and conference spaces. The Manor Stables can easily host larger gatherings, while the cozy Huvitus Sauna by the Lake is perfect for more intimate occasions. During the summers, our welcoming Café Kengityspaja can provide additional space for any events held at The Manor Stables, or serve as a standalone venue for compact meeting days. In addition to the main event spaces, our accommodations, Villa Jerusalem and Villa Bethlehem, also suit conference needs.

Only the best will do – Kytäjä has always been known for its impressive buildings.

Stay at Kytäjä Resort

The exquisite wooden Uni Villa Studios and Uni Villa Suites, historical Törölä, charming Villa Jerusalem as well as the cozy chic Villa Betlehem provide contemporary comfort and luxury for those who appreciate a peaceful setting and beautiful views.

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Organise an event

The beautiful Manor Stables, atmospheric Huvitus Sauna by the Lake, cozy Café Kengityspaja, as well as the charming Villa Jerusalem and Villa Betlehem, provide a unique setting for events of any size, from small-scale meetings to exclusive wedding celebrations.

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Enjoy Kytäjä

Kytäjä itself is like a little slice of paradise – and you can add to the experience by including a touch of luxury to your stay with the exclusive services offered by us.

Enjoy Kytäjä