There are four luxury villas at the Kytäjä Estate, all built during the 21st century. The stunning villas provide space and comfort in an exquisite setting, accommodating up to 12 guests each. Each villa is unique and has its own character and special features. Villa Laakkonen has been inspired by traditional Swedish architecture and is the perfect choice if you wish to organise a party with a Scandinavian flavour. Villa Linder, in turn, has a huge sauna and spa area for those who love to relax in the heat of a Finnish sauna, while Villa Kallio offers modern luxury with breathtaking views over the lake. The three-storey villas are fitted with lifts, making them completely accessible to guests with reduced mobility.

The tastefully furnished and decorated villas are equipped with everything that you could possibly need for a comfortable stay, including modern kitchens, saunas and terraced seating areas in the garden.

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Huvitus Sauna by the Lake

Originally built in 1933 and completely restored almost a century later, the Huvitus lakeside sauna offers a magnificent view over the pristine Kytäjärvi lake.

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A stone’s throw away from Hyvinkää and just an hour’s drive from Helsinki, people have fallen in love with the Kytäjä Estate and its fascinating history for centuries. The beautiful countryside setting, immaculate grounds and world-class golf courses make this area a little paradise. We hope you enjoy your stay with us, whether you are just visiting or decide to spend the rest of your life here!

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