People have fallen in love with the Kytäjä area for centuries. The pristine nature and dense forests have attracted many notable families to settle and build beautiful homes here. Once upon a time, the Kytäjä Manor Estate was the biggest privately-owned farm in the whole of Scandinavia and its colourful history has left a permanent mark on the character of the area. When you walk along the grounds of the old Estate, you become part of the fascinating story that has shaped this place.

At Kytäjä, the comforts of the 21st century live in harmony with traditional agricultural practices. The vibrant village community, beautiful architecture, protected forests, sustainably maintained agricultural lands and world-class golf courses make Kytäjä a destination unrivaled by anything in Finland. The village is surrounded by idyllic lakes, ponds and rocky cliffs – pristine Finnish nature at its very best. The guiding principles at Kytäjä are to preserve the magnificent local forests and keep the rural areas thriving.

The village school and continuous investments in the area guarantee that Kytäjä will be a flourishing community for years to come. At Kytäjä, it is possible to enjoy five-star countryside life, without having to go too far from the hustle and bustle of the city. We hope you enjoy your stay with us, whether you are just visiting or decide to spend the rest of your life here!

The Story of the Kytäjä Estate

The story of the Kytäjä Estate is an essential piece of Finnish provincial history.

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Sustainable Development

The Laakkonen family maintain the area in a responsible and sustainable manner, with the aim of keeping the rural areas thriving.

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